Each Leather Monster comes with its story. They have wants, hopes, dreams and quirks. I tell you all about them! Handmade one at a time, each monster is special, and unique. Like YOU!

Hi Friend!

Hello Monster Fam member, or new to my work person just checking me out. I want to say WELCOME friend! I think you are AWESOME for letting me share my art with you. If you have not found the monster you are looking for, I may be able to make you a custom one! Click the button below!

Thank you for all the monster love, this Fall 2020 will round out my 8th year. Making and sending monsters all over the world, I couldn’t be happier or prouder. None of it would be possible without you!

Thank you collectors, single monster owners and fans! Be in touch with your custom request or for anything really:)

Much Monster Love,

Maker Lisa


I love hearing from you and seeing the monsters in their new homes.