Loch Ness Plush - Petunia

Loch Ness Plush - Petunia


Meet Petunia, as far as a Loch Ness Monster goes, this plush purple beast adores scifi, and is not scary at all. Seth MacFarlane has a show out called “The Orville” and he was glued to the screen watching the season 2 finale just this evening. I promised him he could stay till the finale in case you were not a fan. He will happily watch what ever you want you though, he is really sweet.

He has a weighted bum to keep his head up as he’s a bit clumsy out of the water and all, he is made of a poly blend body and a felted merino wool belly.

This being his new non wet life I’m sure you will keep him safe.

Approx 12 inches tall and long.

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