About maker

Hello, my name is Lisa. I am happy to welcome you to my virtual workshop where I intend to delight and amaze you with my art.

Encouraging empathy, making you feel warm and fuzzy, giving you a lump in your throat because the sweetness is palatable. Those are the goals at the front of my mind when I am making.

You’re gonna be adorable! Oh my god, you are so cute ( through gritted teeth) those are things you would hear me exclaim if you were anywhere near me when I am stuffing up a creation. I am joyful, excited, and at times overwhelmed with the process that is bringing a soulful object to life.

Some are curious, some are boastful, many are shy, but they are all one of a kind pieces of my heart I am honored you have taken a liking to.

You will fall in love, and for a time least, my heart pieces will outlive the whole.

I am grateful and delighted you are here.

Maker Lisa Lee, from Vancouver BC Canada.